Quality Policy



The management of HERMANOS COTO SL, committed to its quality management system for the development of its activity of extraction and treatment of aggregates for construction, civil works and other industrial sectors, maintains a management policy based on the following principles:


• Satisfy our customers’ expectations through the quality of our aggregates.


• The commitment to comply with our clients’ requirements, as well as with the legal requirements and others that the organization subscribes.


• Constantly improve our processes through prevention to achieve the continuous improvement of quality management.


• Define the responsibilities within the organization in order to achieve the established quality objectives.

Lay down the adequate technical resources for the development of management systems.


• Have the appropriate personnel available through the necessary training, information and awareness to comply with the quality requirements of our products.


• Ensure that all company personnel participate in the development and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Management System of Hermanos Coto S.L. through the dissemination and follow-up of the guidelines reflected in the above mentioned system.


The company’s greatest resource is its people: highly qualified personnel in constant training. We work with total respect toward the environment, taking care of it through irrigation systems and constant reforestation. These practices have earned us different quality certifications. Our most important and proudest achievement is the recognition we have received from our colleagues, through the Confederación Nacional de la Construcción (Spain’s National Construction Federation) in 2003, in recognition of our contributions to the construction industry for over 25 years and the development of company partnerships within the industry.


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