Our company was founded in the first decade of the 20th Century in Langreo, Cuenca del Nalon, Asturias, Spain. Since then, it has been dedicated to the exploitation of quarries and sand deposits. In 1960, it expanded its activities by acquiring new facilities for the production of lime in Anieves, a part of the municipality of Oviedo, and where the company has since had its permanent headquarters. It is here where we now have our facilities for limestone extraction and treatment, as well as the administrative offices for the company.


The purity of our limestone deposits puts us at the top among limestone extractors in Asturias. This, combined with our extensive experience as well as our constant staff training and investment in new technology, allows us to obtain stone derivatives of the greatest quality.


Canteras Hermanos Coto has been recognized with different quality certificates. However, its proudest achievement has been the award granted by its colleagues, Confederación Nacional de la Construcción (Spain’s National Construction Federation) in 2003, in recognition of its contributions to the construction industry for over 25 years and its development of business partnerships within the industry.


Canteras Hermanos Coto continues to be a family-run business, as it has always been, and recognizes the professionalism and good work of its employees, as well as the trust and faithfulness placed upon the company by its costumers. Without them, it would have been impossible to attain our century-long experience, as both of them represent our greatest incentive and support for continuing to improve on a daily basis.






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